Туфли скальные MadRock Demon

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Описание от производителя:

  • Originally designed for Mad Rock®'s European climbing team, the Demon is an ultra performance shoe that specializes in vertical to overhanging terrain.
  • Ideal for bouldering, sport, gym, and competition.
  • This is a vegan friendly shoe and contains no animal by-products anywhere in the construction.
  • TekFlex® upper, a unique space-age material, is a high-performance upper that will not stretch or lose its shape.
  • 3-D compression molded Science Friction 2.2 Rubber upper® with ventilation holes to keep your feet cool.
  • Developed and manufactured by Mad Rock®, Science Friction 2.2 Rubber® is competition-grade sticky to provide superior friction.
  • Science Friction Rand Rubber®, a true climbing rubber, provides friction for overhangs and inclines.
  • Quality stitching in high-stressed and high-wear areas, double stitching for increased durability.
  • One-Piece Binding. Sewn with a single piece of binding that encompasses the cuff or ankle, utilizing tight stitch patterns contributes to quality workmanship.
  • Contoured custom-made strap to ensure the best fit possible. The Webbing straps ergonomically mimic the curve and angle of the shoe allowing it to cinch it up in the important contact areas and offer a degree of flexibility.
  • Hook-and-loop strap closure.
  • Custom-made, powder-coated, die-cut metal ring eyelets ensure strength and consistency.
  • Dual pull tabs reinforced and sewn externally, offset and aligned for optimal efficiency of pulling on your shoes.
  • Padded cuffs for added, long-wear comfort.
  • Organically grown hemp lining is naturally odor resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. This lining has a very high tear strength and is a natural and renewable resource.
  • Anti-shock EVA foam cushion in heel bed absorbs impact and reduces pressure when standing.
  • Compressed polyester midsole offers controlled flex and stiffness while standing the test of time, not breaking down or degrading.
  • Science Friction 3D Molded Heel Cup® gives climbers more contact area on the rock and is 3-D molded for a truly contoured fit. Textured descent heel helps provides stability with walking down scree or on class 3 approaches.
  • Dual Density Sole® (DDS) construction is stiffer and thicker at the outer rim and thinner at the center. This "horseshoe" shape gives the climber better control and grip: the stiff edges of DDS allow the shoe to grab holds on overhangs or smear on tiny features while friction climbing. At the same time the DDS makes for a more sensitive rock shoe: thinner sole center allows for more feel of the rock face it gives the climber the sensitivity level of training slippers, but with all the sturdiness and performance of a full lace shoe.
  • Concave Sole® allows climbers to utilize their feet as they would their hands. Concave Soles are optimal for grabbing at holds while climbing on overhangs, and also help for grabbing at holds while climbing on overhangs, and also help to create a sharper edge for standing on tiny holds and ledges.
  • Double Cross sling-shot rand crossing under the arch and forefoot to create a tensioned platform for better climbing.
  • Descent Tread, an innovative reverse-hook tread under the heels, helps to stabilize your descent or even when standing on an incline.
  • By applying pre-tensioning principles to high performance lasts, Twisted Science® offers additional support when edging and smearing. The science of pre-tensioning helps to hold the down-turned and cambered shape of the shoes while you are climbing, offering optimal grip and contact points.
  • 9.00 oz.

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